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Helle Bøgelund
Responsible for communication and press
+45 28 15 95 43

Egnsteatret’s press photos are for free editorial use in connection with mention of current performances, activities and news about Egnsteatret. When using press photos, the photographer must be credited. The name is given in the file name of the photo. If no name is specified, Egnsteatret must be credited.

RE(W)RITE! Celebrating Human Connection

IMG_0271 IMG_0337 IMG_0315 IMG_0361 RE(W)RITE!_©Nullo_Facchini RE(W)RITE!_©Nefeli_Have IMG_5357 IMG_5350 IMG_5327 IMG_5320 IMG_5315 IMG_5314 IMG_5287 IMG_5286 IMG_5272 IMG_5268 IMG_5257 IMG_5233 RE(W)RITE!_©Nullo_Facchini_5222 IMG_5225 IMG_5216 IMG_5197 IMG_5074 IMG_5067 IMG_5123 IMG_5102 IMG_0025 IMG_0032 IMG_0059 IMG_0096 IMG_0129 IMG_0160 IMG_0165 IMG_0170 IMG_0179 IMG_0196 IMG_0205 IMG_0220 IMG_0235 IMG_0242 IMG_0248 IMG_0304 IMG_0316 IMG_0364 IMG_0365

Embraced by silence

Sanseværk_I_Stilhedens_Favn_01©Per_Rasmussen Sanseværk_I_Stilhedens_Favn©Per_Rasmussen Sanseværk_I_Stilhedens_Favn_70©Per_Rasmussen Sanseværk_I_Stilhedens_Favn_10©Per_Rasmussen Sanseværk_I_Stilhedens_Favn_26©Per_Rasmussen Sanseværk_I_Stilhedens_Favn_24©Per_Rasmussen

Guds Lam

Guds Lam Cantabile2_Guds_Lam_82©Per_Rasmussen Cantabile2_Guds_Lam_69©Per_Rasmussen Cantabile2_Guds Lam_7©Per_Rasmussen Cantabile2_Guds Lam_6©Per_Rasmussen Guds Lam

Nullo Facchini 60 Years

P1070256 Nullo_Facchini©_D.Matvejev© 10 photo Nullo_Facchini_photo-D.Matvejev©