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Sanseværk for children and youth

Sanseværk is the label which consolidates Egnsteatret's activities for children, youth and families.

Sanseværk was established in 2017 with a wish to offer the unique experience of participatory theatre to young audiences.

The artistic work of Sanseværk starts with the premise that creating a shared space of multi-sensory experiences and in-depth reflection enables the participants to better sense themselves, witness each other and experience being a part of a community. Inside this space, we wish to invite young audiences to venture into the areas of human existence which are not always easy to access or talk about. The performers’ role in the experience is to be gentle and carrying guides and companions that the audience can rely on and relate to. The performances of Sanseværk often bring the audience members truly close the their emotions. This experience can be a starting point for meaningful conversations in the classroom and at home.

Children assist in the creative proces of developing the performances
Audience is actively involved in all performances by Sanseværk. Therefore, it is important for the creative team to learn directly about children’s experience and to hear them evaluate the participation aspect.

During each creative process Sanseværk invites local school children to take part in the rehearsals. After each shared rehearsal, the children give feedback on all the artistic components, from sound, light and set design to the actors’ performance and all the activities they were participating in. The children are given plenty of time to describe their feelings and thoughts. The artistic team uses these rounds of feedback to adjust and improve the final work.

The team behind Sanseværk:
Siri Facchini Haff, who has been employed as an actress at Egnsteatret since 2007, is the initiator and director of Sanseværk.

Siri runs Sanseværk with Karolina Pietrzykowska, another performer who has been associated with the theatre since 2008.
The two are behind the artistic work, ideas and concepts and production while Nullo Facchini, the leader of Egnsteatret, is the consultant director in their process.

In addition, various external professionals in directing, sound, light, scenography and construction design are affiliated with Sanseværk. Over the years, Sanseværk has built close relations with many external parties and the network continues to expand.

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