Vordingborgs Internationale

WAVES Festival

Since 1990, we have been the regional theatre of the city of Vordingborg, DK. WAVES Festival has been organized by The Regional Theatre of Vordingborg Municipality, every second year since 1991.  The festival presents the latest in a wide range of world-class performing arts genres. International artists show current trends in theatre, dance, performance, new circus and interdisciplinary forms of expression. The performances are predominantly visual and sensory based, so they can be understood regardless of language and nationality. There is something for every taste and for audiences of all ages.       

WAVES Festival consists partly of an indoor program which is shown at the city’s main venues, Vordingborg Theater and Pavillon K, partly of an outdoor program that is presented in various locations in the city, with free access for all, and partly of a music program that is presented at the city’s music venue STARS. WAVES Festival also consists of the school program SKVULP! and WAVES Xtra, which is the festival’s program dedicated to the local and national performing arts community. For the full program of the WAVES Festival click here.