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In GUDS LAM, locals are on stage as themselves when Egnsteatret recreates the twelve panels of the world-renowned Ghent Altarpiece in St. Bavo Cathedral, Belgium. This huge work of art portrays archetypes of Western culture in 1432. But who are the Adam and Eve of our time, the Virgin Mary, the Crusaders and the Lamb of the Sacrifice? What version do they have of the themes in this painting about faith, power, love, death and salvation? On stage, a panorama of our present world arises, in a testimony to the importance of art and spirituality in a human’s life.

NOTE: The show features nude scenes, a video of slaughtering a lamb and footage from a birth.

The regional tv-station TV2 East came by the rehearsals 19 January

The printed programme (ind Danish) can be downloaded here

The performance is supported by the municipality of Vordingborg

The show features nude scenes, a video of slaughtering a lamb and footage from a birth.
  • Reviews
    No one should be fooled for this authentically scented and strangely beautiful performance, which should be set up on other country stages as soon as possible!
    It is an amazing spectacle that tells a poignant report of the citizens of Vordingborg, but not least of the people of our time.
    ... after 30 years of local involvement as a regional theatre in Vordingborg Municipality, the performance is a beautiful milestone
    Guds Lam touched my heart, and with its inclusion of the stories of the locals, is the beautiful tribute to the manifold human life and the city that has housed them and their very special expressions over three decades.
  • Credits
    A big thank you to Milo Rau and NTGent for developing a performance we could recreate in a new form in Vordingborg.
    Siri Facchini Haff og Claudio Morales
    Locals on stage
    Karolina Dam, Anna Bove Eiler, Malik Facchini Haff, Frank Hansen, Maren Mille Henckel, Tuk André Henckel, Merle Lauenborg Hyrup, Mynte Lauenborg Hyrup, Ester Betak Lund, Julie Nielsen, Morgan Finke Nygaard, Kathleen C. A. Poblete, Shirin Samir, Ahmad Sarkojak, Fadi Sarkojak, Sofie Therese Margareth Sillemann, Sofia Elisa Sommerstedt-Rasmussen, Jens Ulvedahl, Lulu Rose Koppel Aamand
    Locals in videoprojetions
    Kalle Lund-Nielsen, Bjarne Mortensen, Julie Nielsen, Mohamed Ali Osman, Milo Rau, Anders Roland, Mikael Smed, Flemming Rasmussen – Nybyskov Økologi
    Original concept
    Milo Rau, NTGent
    Nullo Facchini
    Dramaturgical assistant
    Barbara Rousset
    Production manager
    Karolina Pietrzykowska
    Technique and light design
    Peter Koch
    Video technique
    Stijn Pauwels
    Construction of frame
    Nyby Sceneteknik
    Song texts for the children’s choir
    Marc Facchini
    Arrangement children’s choir
    Anders Roland
    Sound design
    Daniela Bretes Maciel Elneff
    Video design
    Christine Hvidt
    Visual design
    Charlotte Grum
    Theatre painter
    Charlotte K. Dethlefsen
    Scenography assistant
    Morten Juhl
    Responsible for children
    Siri Facchini Haff
    Production assistant and responsible for children
    Kai Petra Vriesema
    Assistant the children’s choir on stage
    Emmely Linnebjerg
    Klaus Geisler, Charlotte Grum, Siri Facchini Haff, Karolina Pietrzykowska, Barbara Rousset
    Video pictures in the altar frame and press photos
    Per Rasmussen
    Videos – except the lamb slaughter
    Per Rasmussen
    Video of the lamb slaughter
    Jesper Truelsen
    Emmelie Jønsson
    Graphic design
    Lone Fomsgaard
    Maria Westh Hage
    Helle Iuel
    PR & press
    Helle Bøgelund
    A big thanks to Vordingborg municipality for supporting us through 30 years.
    Forestillingen er blevet til gennem samtaler med og hjælp fra langt flere mennesker, end dem vi møder på scenen.
    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the creation of Guds Lam in different ways.
    Shamali Abdulmajed, Shadi Baker Ali, Jan Andersen, Sune Hjorth Bach, Alex Blaakman, Marianne Christensen, Sigrid B. Christensen, Johanne Louise Christiansen, Fru Andkjær, Blomster & Brugskunst, Anne-Mette Gravgaard, Lennart Grønkjær-Davidsen, Frederik Vangkilde Hansen, Charlotte Tølbøl Henckel, Claus Hjarnø, Nanna Holm, Krista Kirkeby, Barbara Jadwiga Leszczynska, Jesper Betak Lund, Rikke Betak Lund, Patrick Lund-Nielsen, Niviaq Isinnguaq Łasarz, Kjeld Blæsbjerg Madsen, Mern-Øster Egesborg Sognes Menighedsråd, Guri Mohr, Bente Sieben Mortensen, Mohamed Khalil Mustafa, Nojen Mustafa, Tolin Mustafa, Martin Nygaard, Otto Nygaard, Flemming Rasmussen, Kirsten Rasmussen, Anni Reichel, Sofie Schmidt, Carina Nørgaard Schou, Josephine Sioma, Helena Rosenberg Slot, Steffen Sommerstedt, Nykøbing F. Sygehus – Afsnit for fødende og barsel, Bit Tardini, Nina Carlinfanti Zahle Evi, Solvej Koppel Aamand, Ragna Aamand og alle andre der på forunderlig vis har bakket op, bidraget til og støttet skabelsen af Guds Lam.
  • Supporters
    • Vordingborg municipality

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